Arcinello Jocson is a guitarist, producer, and audio engineer based in New York City.

Photo: Amin Abid

Arcinello got his start in music learning how to play guitar at the age of 7. His fondness for the instrument slowly grew into a deep passion for creating and playing music, leading him to study jazz guitar as a high school student at Kaufman Music Center’s Special Music School.

During his time at Special Music School, Arcinello was able to extend his range and versatility as a guitar player, spanning a multitude of styles and genres; from rock, R&B, folk, and ambient/electronic music. His versatility and range has allowed him to perform at prestigious New York City venues such as Carnegie Hall, The Jazz Gallery and The Bitter End.

Photo: Marat Berenstein

Arcinello’s interest in composing original music and production has led him to pursue a degree at the Sonic Arts Center at The City College of New York. Alongside strengthening his skills as a session musician, Arcinello has allowed his skillset to expand to audio engineering, composition, and production. Combining his multitude of experiences, Arcinello has made significant creative contributions to multiple musical projects. These include upcoming singles by singer/songwriter Daniel Marchan Jr. and “Bluing”, a musical collaboration with composer Leah McKeehan. “Bluing” was created as a commission by choreographer Daniella Hernandez for her piece “Querencia,” which was selected for the CUNY-Wide Celebration of Undergraduate Research Celebration, the first choreographed piece to be selected.

Photo: Arcinello Jocson (Me)

Ever since pursuing music, Arcinello believes that music is humanity’s biggest gift and that the capacity to create it is a privilege to not take for granted. Thus, Jocson hopes to continue to combine his experiences to bring individuals together and find commonality within one another; both during the creative process and in sharing the music we create to the world around us.

Photo: My Mother